Saturday, 26 February 2011

New modules on the way

I had to wait until the New Year before ordering up some more modules to finish up my Frac case. On the way are a Paia noise generator, balanced modulator and passive mixer/splitter; from Blacet, a Binary Zone, Window Comparator and Cloud Generator (this is the repackaged Synth Tech E340).

I also took delivery today of a BugBrand Wavefolder - they are starting to offer some modules in minijack again, the Wavefolder is the first.

Some things I need to finish off are a Fonitronik VCPS & MFOS Quantiser. I've spent too long trying to finalise a panel design for the VCPS, but I think I'm just about there now and have worked out all the hardware mounting issues.

Once they're done, they'll go into a 'sequencing' case - 1 row consisting of the VCPS, Quantiser, Binary Zone, Seq Switch & Divider.

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