Monday, 15 November 2010

Current State

Well, here's a (bad) picture of my Frac system as it stands today.

The panel at the bottom is a patching panel, containing loads of multiples and a couple of attenuators. There are just a few more jacks to wire up before I mount it in the panel - but I detest that kind of wiring so it's a slow job. There are also a couple of quarter inch jacks on the panel so I can patch between the MOTM system & this one easily.

The space next to the VCO is for another VCO, which I hope to order in the new year, along with other modules to fill up the rack.

Module line up (top row): Blacet VCO, Blacet Mixer, LPG (Thomas White), Mattson Mini Modular JP VCF, Fonitronic Attenuverting Mixer.
(Bottom row): Blacet Midiverter, Blacet Micro LFO, Bugbrand Bugcrusher, Blacet DAD, Blacet Seq Switch (modified), Blacet Micro LFO, Blacet Dual VCA.

I'm currently trying to decide on what modules I'll get to complete the rack - hard job! But I won't have any cash for anything else for 2 or 3 months, so I've got plenty of thinking time...

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